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Corey "Southeast C" Banks is on fire in college football!!! 5-0 last week and booked an early win with Cincinatti in the first half! Corey is looking to roll this momentum into the NFL this week and has some great plays on opening Sunday in the NFL. Call today to get on board and ask us about our PAY AFTER YOU WIN package. CALL US TODAY! 864.300.0414

Corey "Southest C" Banks

Corey Banks is fairly young by the industry's standard but has a hunger that most handicappers do not possess. He puts in hours of works into analytics as well as personally handicapping every line available until he has his winners. Corey has made thousands of dollars as a gambler and now is one of the industries up and coming handicappers. Corey bets every pick he gives to his clients and wants to make you money in football and basketball. Call Corey personally at 864 300 0414!

Corey's 2016 stats:


7-4 (63%) College

+ 9.0 units!

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College/NFL Season Pass: $400

This gets you all of the action in College and NFL up to the bowl games and playoffs


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